(Charles Bukowski)   it takes a lot of desperation dissatisfaction and disillusion to write a few good poems. it’s not for everybody either to write it or even to read it. Advertisements

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be kind

(Charles Bukowski)   we are always asked to understand the other person’s viewpoint no matter how out-dated foolish or obnoxious. one is asked to view their total error their life-waste with kindliness, especially if they are aged. but age is the total of our doing. they have aged badly because they have lived out of […]

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Charles Bukowski

“Essas palavras que escrevo me protegem da completa loucura.” “Não, eu não odeio as pessoas. Só prefiro quando elas não estão por perto.”   “Henry Charles Bukowski Jr (nascido Heinrich Karl Bukowski; Andernach, 16 de agosto de 1920 — Los Angeles, 9 de março de 1994) foi um poeta, contista e romancista estadunidense nascido na […]

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