From the Inside

Sugestão do Mario Junior From The Inside (Linkin Park) I don’t know who to trust No surprise Everyone feels so far away from me Heavy thoughts sift through dust And the lies

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District 9

E se aliens chegassem em nosso planeta, mas que não fossem muito inteligentes, que não fossem gananciosos, que não tivessem iniciativa, que precisassem de ajuda… como os trataríamos. Como a raça humana trataria outros seres conscientes que estivessem em desvantagem. Usaríamos o exemplo do Apartheid? Os colocaríamos em campos de concentração como os nazistas fizeram? […]

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English Work – January, 2014

Class Presentation Value: 3 credits Deadline: 2 weeks The class must be divided in six teams, and each team should present an explanation about one of the six themes below. The presentation must have practical examples and  grammar notes that can be used by the class. Simple Past Simple Future Irregular Verbs Articles and Prepositions […]

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A Day in the Life

  A Day In The Life (The Beatles)   (Sugar, plum, fairy… Sugar, plum, fairy.) I read the news today oh boy About a lucky man who made the grade And though the news was rather sad Well I just had to laugh I saw the photograph

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I Never Came

I Never Came (Queens of the Stone Age) When you say it’s dead and gone, yes, I know you’re wrong Cut and slash, sharpest knife, it won’t die, ah Poison cup, drank it up, it won’t die No fire, no gun, no rope, no stone, it won’t die, ah

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