23 thoughts on “Numbers

  1. Wow teacher, there’s a nice way to learn the numbers and pronunciate correctly. Good Job. See you in the clas!!.

  2. Our film is very good, hade never seen, it was the first time and really liked it,
    very fillet the life story and that girl. !

  3. Gostei e aprendi muito vou ate salvar o vídeo pra tirar alguma duvida futura…

  4. Very good, it is a very interesting and different way to properly learn the numbers and pronunciation.
    I loved this form. congratulations teacher!

    Ana Carla 3°C

  5. The video is very interesting because it explains very well the numbers in English and this is the beginning to learn English the beginning is the numbers and the alphabet

  6. I really enjoyed this video. Professor you are to be congratulated ..
    He really teaches perfectly

  7. I loved this form of education.
    I learned a lot from this video.
    optimal form of learning .

  8. Bem interesante esse video. É muito importante aprender a pronunciar os números corretamente, bem como também outras palavras em inglês.

  9. Gostei bastante, muito bom esse vídeo, explica de uma forma fácil de entender!

  10. Vídeo muito útil!
    É importante saber pronunciar corretamente as palavras.

  11. Gostei muito do vídeo ajuda a pronunciar melhor as palavras. Que até vou salvar este vídeo para compartilhar no whats com meus amigos….

  12. I really thought I was speaking all the right numbers in english! Pronounces always confuses me HAHA but it is still the simplest language and perfect of the world 🙂 loved the video helped me a lot.

  13. In this video we learn an exemplified and easier way to pronounce the numbers, showing some tips and care that we should have when counting and inserting them.

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