The Ship, by Sir J. C. Squire

The ship


There was no song nor shout of joy
Nor beam of moon or sun,
When she came back from the voyage
Long ago begun;
But twilight on the waters
Was quiet and gray,
And she glided steady, steady and pensive,
Over the open bay.

Her sails were brown and ragged,
And her crew hollow-eyed,
But their silent lips spoke content
And their shoulders pride;
Though she had no captives on her deck,
And in her hold
There were no heaps of corn or timber
Or silks or gold.

4 thoughts on “The Ship, by Sir J. C. Squire

  1. It’s a great text, the amazing point, it’s the singilarity, in the verses. And the comparation.
    Ana Paula de Sousa

  2. Texto muito bom, principalmente pra quem souber interpretar o que ele quer dizer!

  3. Acho que não consegui entender o texto, preciso melhorar minha interpretação .
    É um bom texto que nos faz parar para pensar.

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