David Mills and William Somerset, two detectives in the trail of a serial killer so unique that it makes seven days last long as a lifetime. And in the end, in the showdown, who is going to win? The hunters of the sacrificer? “Let he who is without sin try to survive.”  

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The Gnome, by Pink Floyd

“The Gnome” I want to tell you a story About a little man If I can. A gnome named Grimble Grumble. And little gnomes stay in their homes. Eating, sleeping, drinking their wine. He wore a scarlet tunic, A blue green hood, It looked quite good. He had a big adventure Amidst the grass Fresh […]

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American History X

  American History X é um filme estadunidense de 1998 dirigido por Tony Kaye e escrito por David McKenna, com Edward Norton e Edward Furlong. Foi nomeado para o Oscar de Melhor Ator pela atuação de Norton.

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