Use um nome de algum filme, em inglês, e substitua uma palavra por “potato”.

Por exemplo,
In Time > In Potato
Leon, the Professional > Leon, the Potato



11 thoughts on “Potato

  1. The Beauty and the potato
    Wonder potato
    Harry potato and the order of the Phoenix
    Paranormal potato
    Potato and the secret door
    Potato and me
    American popato history x
    A potato’s fist love
    15 potatos
    Potatos of the caribbean: the curse of the black potato
    Star potato
    Potato squad
    Bad potatos
    Piter potato
    La potato land
    Before potato
    Potato bride
    Suicide potato
    Ender’s potato
    Scooby-doo: curse of the lake potato
    =•D LOL
    i love it. It’s so funny. It’s a nice thing to do whith friends and there are many ideas for short historys, Like, shorts nice parodys of them. I’ll try to do some 🙂

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